The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of members of the school community who develop educational policies for the school and align the school budget to support those policies. 

An equal number of parents and school faculty and staff serve on the SLT. Core members of the team shall be the Principal, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Chapter Chairperson and the Parent Association or Parent-Teacher Association (PA/PTA) President or Co-President or their designees. 

The remaining members of the team shall consist of:

· 2 elected staff member(s)

· 1 elected DC 37 member(s)*

· 4 elected parent members

· 2 students

* If no DC-37 member is interested, a third staff member shall be elected to maintain the parent/staff ratio.


The SLT follows a consensus-based decision making process. Members have an equal voice, and they are all expected to contribute, discuss and collaborate to arrive at the final decision. This process empowers each member of the team as they are able to voice their opinions and concerns, and have a say in all decisions.

The SLT meets every month, from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM before the PTA meeting, generally the third Thursday of each month.  Visit the school calendar for specific dates.

All New York City public schools are required to have an SLT as stated in New York State Education Law Section 2590-h. Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) also provides guidelines to ensure the formation of effective SLTs in every New York City public school.

All members of the 葡京正规网赌 community are welcome to attend and observe the public portion of the SLT meeting.  Non-SLT members are encouraged to bring issues of school-wide concern to their respective SLT student/parent/faculty member representative(s) prior to these monthly meetings so that the issue may be added to the agenda to be discussed.  Non-SLT members may request speaking time to address the SLT body about a matter of school-wide concern during a designated portion of the monthly meeting. Please be mindful that all such requests must be submitted in writing and one week in advance of the scheduled monthly meeting to the SLT Chairperson by email to

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